April Cooke

Fun Fact:
I want to design and build my own home one day!

April Cooke

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Double Kill
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Anywhere without wifi or cell service.

     Since starting in the field of mental health and recovery, I have worked in a variety of settings. My journey consists of working in inpatient psychiatric hospitals, addiction treatment facilities, family agencies, and even worked a number of years as a nanny. I’ve learned that you need to immerse yourself in a variety of settings to truly have a sense of what people may be struggling with, and how to best support them during those times.

     I’m all about relationships. That could mean your relationship with your friends, family, and loved ones; it can also mean a relationship to substance(s), your career, and most importantly with yourself. I use a lot of narrative therapy, which focuses a lot on your story, and how to change that story to make it the version that works the best for you. (Remember, all books start out as rough drafts!) I absolutely love working with someone who isn’t afraid to dig deep, work hard, and be open to feedback and new ideas. I want my client to feel comfortable giving me feedback as well, if something isn’t working, let me know.

     I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Penn State University and went on to work as a psychiatric technician in an inpatient psychiatric hospital before eventually pursuing my Master of Arts in Marriage and family therapy at Fairfield University. Through that program I was able to work with a diverse population of individuals, couples, and families. Working in addiction treatment has always been a passion of mine, as my family has struggled with addiction for most of my young adult life. I love having the opportunity to provide families and loved ones with education on addiction and recovery, as well as a sense of hope that their family can truly thrive.

Nugget of Wisdom:

The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.