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There's a solution.

Life's a bitch. Sometimes we just need a little help.

An Extended Approach To Recovery.

Finding Baseline With Sobriety is often just not enough.

Are you tired of the same old routine? Are you ready for something different?


Introducing Awkward Recovery, the perfect answer to "What's Next?" after traditional rehab. Our 90-day plan is designed to help you transition back into the real world and maintain your recovery. 


You'll be supported by a community of like-minded individuals, build a culture of healthy habits, and develop the tools you need to make your recovery stick for good. 

Get Connected

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Experience Addiction Recovery With A Community.

Get connected with as much or as little help as you need!

Awkward Recovery is focused on not only surviving but thriving as you journey through the first year of recovery.

Wether you are discharging from treatment, currently in residential treatment, or just sitting at home looking for a change, this is the place for you!

The majority of treatment centers do a fantastic job of kickstarting you sobriety by helping you get back to baseline.

Awkward Recovery is here to answer the question, "What's Next?"

Let's Chat

What you can expect.

Our Sober Living

Highly Structured Sober Living

  • Daily Meditations

  • Daily Peer-to-Peer Support Groups

  • Weekly Recovery Coaching Sessions

  • Weekly Individual Therapy Sessions

Our Success Plan

Clinical Counseling

  • Weekly Process Therapy Group 

  • Weekly Psychoeducation Group

  • Weekly Individualized Therapy Sessions

Additional Opportunities

Soulidify Your Recovery

  • Recovery Success Advocacy

  • Community Events and Connection Opportunities

  • Recovery Coaching

Ready For "What's Next?"

A Recovery Strategy That Works!

You Probably Have Questions. So ASK!

We Are Stronger Together!

Awkward Recovery is a collaboration of Three Organizations That Care!

Want To Chat About It?

Give Us A Call.


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