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We do not accept insurance.


Let us explain why though. At Atomic Souls our primary goal is always to offer the best care possible in assisting with the success of our clients. We are not hindered by the restrictions and procedures required to function within insurance service parameters. We are also able to keep costs down by not needing extra staff, specifically for insurance billing.  Also, by requiring cash pay for services, clients more commonly come to us with an "invested" perspective.

We do offer SuperBills. 

What is a SuperBill?

This is a receipt of services, recognized by insurance companies. It includes services delivered, diagnosis and our information. 

With this document you can request reimbursement from your insurance provider for out-of-network benefits for mental health services. A large portion of our clients successfully utilize this service.

What if I can not afford Atomic Souls?

Above all else, we want to see you be happy, healthy and successful in all aspects of life. Do not let finances deter you from seeking help. Give us a call and lets discuss it.

Do you offer higher levels of care?

We have partnered with some amazing programs here in Austin, Tx, to offer a full continuum of care. We primarily focus on outpatient counseling and refer to these other great programs, who focus primarily on higher levels of care. Contact us via phone or email and we will get you plugged-in.

Do you assist with medication management?

We do!

We have a great psychiatric nurse practitioner that can assist clients who would benefit from the use of medication.