Music Group

What is the Music Group

     Get connected with other Musicians, process life together and maybe write some music about it.

     In this group we discuss anything and everything. Maybe, you're looking for a different perspective on a situation you are dealing with.  Perhaps, you just need a place to vent about an a**hole roommate. Bring it!

     This is our time to be ourselves, no expectations and no judgments. Maybe you have never picked up an instrument before and just music. Maybe you are in the studio every day with an guitar in your hand. Whatever level you are at this is a place for you. 

     The focus of this group is to process day-to-day life and integrate music into it. Some weeks are more process focused and others are more music writing focused. No matter what though, every group ends with a jam session!

and seasoned musicians

Hosted Exclusively by masters level therapists

Process Group

What's the Process Group

     These are groups that are focused specifically on processing what we are dealing with in life. These groups are for those of us looking to find extra support and a safe space to vent about ongoing issues.

     Topics may include: anxiety/stress management, depression,  healthy coping skills, dating/peer relationships.


     These groups have very limited space. If you are interested in joining a Process Group at AtomicSouls, please contact us as soon as possible so we can discuss a group that best fits you.

Hosted Exclusively by masters level therapists

Rooftop Party

AtomicSouls Groups are a great opportunity to have therapy in a community environment with like-minded individuals. It can be a place to process in a different way than individual therapy sessions.


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