Jason Amato

Fun Fact:
I lived in a van on 3 separate occasions in my life!

Jason Amato

Drag name:
Super Woman 5000

Dream vacation:
Ecuador, I don't have a good reason either.

Best Metaphor:
It is what it is...

Throughout my years in the field I’ve gained a valuable perspective on what leads to a clients continued success in recovery. 

(A) No two people are the same, everyone's recovery journey looks a little different. It is important to meet people where they are at. Any step in the right direction is a huge accomplishment when it comes down to watching a person change their lives for the better.

(B) Individualized care is everything. What a blessing to have gotten Sober in Austin Texas, when my head was spinning off my shoulders at a week sober. I was fortunate enough to have professionals who later became great friends  take the time to sit with me, talk to me, and share what has worked for them. I genuinely believe the greatest resource you can provide a client with is reassurance , your undivided attention and genuine care. It's been my experience that recovery is personal and that 1 on 1 connection breeds trust and self esteem.

(C) It is never too late for the light bulb to turn on! Whether it is a client's first experience in recovery, or their 100th try at recovery there is always hope! Always a new experience to be gained. Everyone deserves a fighting chance.

Nugget of Wisdom:

"Move or Die" meaning complacency isn't an option. Always be striving to grow and be the best version of yourself.