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"Ask for help. Not because you are weak, but because you want to remain strong."





Our OP Program is designed for people in early recovery and/or seeking extra support on their journey.

   This program has been designed with a couple primary goals in mind. Encouraging and supporting the life-giving action of sobriety; as well as developing and inspiring communities of encouragement, accountability, and support.

     At Atomic Souls, our goal is to intertwine fun experiences with therapeutic processing. We focus on providing the means and the motive to not only recover with a therapist but learn independence and self-processing. When people can properly value themselves, they are able to build relationships based on interdependence rather than codependency. The Atomic Souls mission statement is simple and practical, “Life’s a Bitch, sometimes we just need a little help!



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Our Outpatient Program is designed in two distinct parts. The first part is our Early Recovery Program. This program is devised with the goal of 4-months sober. After experiencing our Early Recovery Program and achieving the goal of 4-months sober, we offer to transition clients (who would prefer) into our Long-Term Recovery Status.

     At this point a client should be connected with an Atomic Souls therapist they are comfortable with. We are beginning to focus more on community development and processing a sober lifestyle, concentrating less on getting through the initial steps of sobriety.


     We understand that there is no “cookie cutter” formula for success, so our Early Recovery Program might be a longer process for some than others, but 4-months of sobriety minimum is the primary goal.

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Early Recovery Program!

     This program is designed for the first 120-days of sobriety. We have designed this program with a concentration of extra support to aid in the success of our client's early sobriety.

Here are the details:

- 1 Individual Session per week

- 1 Night of Groups per week,  a Process Group and a Psychoeducation Group

- UA Tests administered weekly before groups.

- 1 Family Call per week, if desired by the client/family

-Assistance connecting with a Recovery Coach and/or Sponsor

- Free drinks and snacks while at Atomic Souls facilities

- Free entry to all Atomic Souls Events & Hangouts

- Individual Session can be adapted to a Family Session (1 per month) for $30/per session

Our Early Recovery Program is designed in 60-day terms.

Long-Term Recovery Status!

     This is a program for clients who have proven a minimum 120-days of continuous sobriety and have completed at least one term of our Early Recovery Program.

     These clients are focused on maintaining the success already achieved and processing what day-to-day life looks like as well as developing and pursuing future goals.

Here are the details:

- 1 Individual Session per week

- 1 Exclusive Process group per week

- Free drinks and snacks while at Atomic Souls Facilities

- Free entry to all Atomic Souls Events & Hangouts

- Individual Sessions can be adapted to a Family Session for $30/per session

Our Long-Term Recovery Bundle comes in 60-day terms.