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"Ask for help. Not because you are weak, but because you want to remain strong."

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At Atomic Souls Counseling, we are committed to safeguarding your privacy. All personal information shared with us is protected under our Personally Identifiable Information (PII) policy. This policy ensures that every piece of your data, from your name and address to your health information, is handled with the utmost confidentiality and security. We adhere to strict protocols and employ advanced measures to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, ensuring your information is used solely for its intended purpose in your journey to recovery. Your trust is our priority, and we are dedicated to maintaining the integrity and privacy of your personal data.

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  • At Atomic Souls Counseling, we don't directly play the insurance tune, but we're not about to leave you stranded in the financial wilderness. We offer super bills for out-of-network reimbursement, making sure you get the top-notch counseling you need while empowering you to claim potential reimbursement from your insurance provider. Your mental health deserves the spotlight, and we're here to ensure you shine, insurance or not.

  • No matter the issue—be it anxiety, depression, addiction, or just a case of the life blues—Atomic Souls Counseling is here to rock out the recovery process with you. Our team is geared up to face the music, be it a solo anxiety riff or a full-blown symphony of stress and challenges. We're about tuning into your needs, amplifying your strengths, and turning down the volume on the struggles, ensuring your journey to healing is as harmonious as a chart-topping hit.

  • In the concert of counseling, there's no universal setlist for how often you should see your therapist. At Atomic Souls Counseling, we tailor the frequency of your sessions to the unique melody of your life and recovery journey. Whether it's weekly jam sessions or a rhythm that's more your style, we're here to keep your recovery tune in harmony, ensuring that every note we hit together helps you rock the stage of life with confidence and clarity.

  • Hell yes, you can switch! At Atomic Souls Counseling, we're not about forcing a square peg into a round hole or a rockstar into an opera. We know the therapeutic alliance – that's the fancy term for the jam between you and your therapist – is more crucial than the last slice of pizza at a party. It's got to fit just right, feel comfortable, and, let's be honest, be something you actually look forward to.

  • The therapy journey at Atomic Souls Counseling is not a race to the finish line but a personal marathon with its own pace and rhythm. The duration varies for each individual, shaped by personal needs, goals, and the unique paths we navigate. Whether your journey is a brief tour or an extended exploration, our team is committed to walking alongside you, offering support, insight, and encouragement every step of the way, ensuring that your therapeutic experience is as enriching and empowering as your life's most inspiring soundtrack.

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